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Name:Wade Wilson
Birthdate:Aug 12

S.H.I.E.L.D. File
Codename: DEADPOOL
Age: ~60
Origin: EARTH-616
Noteworthy abilities: Regenerative Healing Factor. Peak Human Strength. Superhuman Stamina. Superhuman Agility. Superhuman Reflexes. Master Martial Artist. Master Assassin. Skilled Linguist. Master of weaponry

Wade is technically one of the bad guys; he’s a mercenary, a gun for hire. However, his constant flux of sanity and undeniable mental instability leave him almost constantly in a cheery mood, or at least seemingly so. He tends to be rather annoying to most people due to the fact that he leaps between topics, rambles, and is very skilled at getting under people’s skin; because of this, others tend to find it very difficult to work with him. Wade is also prone to violent outbursts at the slightest provocation, though mentions of Bea Arthur (his Hollywood true love) are a sure way to derail him, at least for a moment.

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(I couldn't have said it better myself, mouthy_merc, so thanks for putting this on the internet for my borrowage~)
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